The summer isn't over till the cowboy sings.

There are just two more weeks left to see the exhibition Rhapsodize  in the spaces of Other Nature in Berlin.

Read a reminder of the work I made there, "Lavender Cowboy" in a previous blog post here. Two more reasons to get your butt over there now, are the works of my studio mates Sabine Rollnik and Sandra Haselsteiner.


10-jarig bestaan Nederlands Stripmuseum

Van mij zullen er ook twee posters te koop zijn! De opbrengst komt ten goede aan stichting Het Nederlands Stripmuseum. Meer informatie op hun website hier.


The making of Six Conversations about Bland

Here's a little 'making of' sequel of my comic "Six Conversations about Bland". It was made for the Comic Seminar, a yearly workshop that runs up to the Comic Salon Erlangen. This year was led by Barbara Yelin, Mawil and Lukas Jüliger and the theme we were set to work on was "memory lapse". My story plays in a reality-tv house situation. Bland has been voted out of the house the night before and over the course of six conversations he is gradually forgotten.

My very rough plan and a picture of five people piled on top of each other in  swimming trunks and a great dane on top...
...gained a bit more credibility when I worked out a few panel 'shots' and character portraits. Most detail went into a written scenario and then I went on to designing the storyboard...
...the pages growing exponentially dirtier after each eraser correction and repeated cowboy coffee staining...
...yet rendered spotless at the light box by inking on a new clean sheet of bristol paper....
...and slap on some lettering and greytones...
...give your baby a name...
...and finally, here it is on exhibit at the Comic Salon!


Musik für die Augen

Here a detail of the one-pager I made for 'Musik für die Auge'. The exhibition for which comic artists have created illustrations to pop-songs is part of the Comic Salon Erlangen and opens Thursday June 19th at 9pm in the Mahattan-Kinos in Erlangen. More infos and who else's work you can see there on the poster:

I'll be there!